Is software a critical success factor within your business? Are you experiencing significant challenges with your software?

Well, it’s a common catchcry…IT & software…”IT SHOULD JUST WORK!”

Yes! It should just work. However, for software applications to achieve optimal delivery there are many variables behind the scenes that need to be carefully aligned. Too often, software projects or initiatives fall short of their original goal, and the repercussions can be devastating. This book analyses these critical areas, providing insight into how your software applications large or small can achieve their optimal outcome.

“It Should Just Work; Customer Satisfaction and he Value of Software Testing” addresses some of the key variables driving risk within software delivery today. The author, Michael, outlines a 4-step process to address the challenges faced with your software delivery.


“It Should Just Work” explains why you need software testing and the benefits it will have on your bottom line!

If you are serious about driving your business to the next level or establishing a new business take this step with me. It is a journey that will benefit you & especially your customers.’



The IT industry carries a stigma of perceived high costs and failure. It can be extremely expensive if software is developed or implemented incorrectly.

A lack of quality business requirements, design documentation, and poor development practices leading to cost blow outs of up to 10 times the original budget.

It is important to identify defects and mitigate possible risks as early as possible.

“Software testing is considered the closest thing to an insurance policy for your software delivery; a crucial tool in assisting with the identification, management and mitigation of risk.”

The book includes:

  • The PCTA methodology for solving common problems in software testing and including bonus material for the 7 step process of quality software delivery
  • 200 pages of advice, examples, and case studies
  • Examples linked to common software development methodologies of waterfall and agile approaches
  • Advice & tips will save you $’000s of dollars and potential reputation/brand damage



For executives, business or technology owners looking for advice about developing, selecting, upgrading or maintaining software, this is the book for you.

The book addresses:

  • Software commercial outcomes: Brand reputation, customer satisfaction and loyalty, consistency of service
  • Case studies of getting it right and not getting it right
  • Software testing operation models
  • Effective test management
  • Staff confidence and assertiveness
  • Mobile device testing
  • Communication
  • Staff delegation methods
  • Off-shoring


If your software is a critical interface between your brand and customers, take the next step and order your copy today.

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It Should Just Work - Customer satisfaction and the value of software testing