Entrepreneurs: You definitely need to hop on this trend!

No matter if you are planning to release a software or a physical product, you need to hop on the train of this trend!

If you want to save money and make sure to release something that is going to be accepted by the public, then you need something very basic and accessible to all: a Focus Group.

Those skipping from point A directly to point Z find themselves with big losses and a product that is not suitable for the market. A Focus Group helps you going from point A to B and so on in an organized way, to maintain all the quality and create something meaningful.

It may sound trivial, it may sound like you heard of it before, yes. But have you really giving it a go in your mind the way it should?

Usability Testing

This is where real users can assess and provide direct feedback to your proof of concept team.

Let’s say you perform a usability or beta test of the POC with 10 people for half a day as an example. The outcome of the POC might produce the following outcomes or results by which you need to make a decision on:

  • 10/10 respondents love the idea. Continue to the next stage.
  • 7 people love the idea, but 3 people feel the product requires improvement. Continue to the next stage, but plan to address the improvement in the next build stage.
  • 5/5 respondents like the idea. Address the improvements immediately and have another round of usability tests.
  • 7/10 respondents didn’t like the idea. Assess whether any improvements would change their opinion of the software. They might like the idea, but find the idea too risky.
  • 0/10 respondents hated the idea. Scrap the idea.

If your idea is ready to move past the POC phase, you now need to consider funding options to develop the entire product or service. At least you now have confidence that the market is supportive of your idea before investing significant time and money.

I hate seeing people invest time and money into something that needed research from the start. Your idea may be awesome in your eyes, but it might not be in the markets eyes. I don’t want you to burn all your money. Which is one of the key failure reasons in technology start-ups. Software development poorly implemented can destroy your budget.

How does one address these challenges?

At a simplistic level these companies will seek out the target users of your software from their user community.  These communities can consist of one million potential users.  Great thing is these companies will screen them on your behalf.

Some of these businesses provide the ability to select the users on:

  • Age
  • Income
  • Gender
  • Location (E.g. Country)
  • Skill level
  • Most importantly by the device (smartphone, tablet, desktop) or browser that addresses your requirements.



A Focus group is a small sample of your end target audience. By getting feedback from them, you will be able to adapt your product to their real needs. Focus groups are a critical part of any business cultural landscape.


By having a Focus Group checking your product on each development stage you will lower the risk of failure. You will get feedback directly from those who will be your buyers. A Focus Group will be able to validate your idea.


Take a small group of 5-10 people. The results taken from this small sample group will reproduce the same results as from a bigger group.

Think of you target audience (demographics wise including but not only age, interests, and economic means), and use your extended circles (family, friends, and friends of friends) to create this Focus Group.

Roll out the product within your extended network and offer them recognition and rewards for helping you develop your product.


Any time a new feature is implemented, it should be tested by your Focus Group. Try to organize a weekly meeting where your Focus Group can discuss the changes with your team over breakfast or lunch, they can test the product, and give a direct feedback.

Will you give it a try?

I would love to hear your opinions, questions or subjects you wish for me to cover.

Please post your feedback to me via the discussion boards below.

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