Ripe for Disruption: Which Industries are Ready for It?

There’s been a lot of talking about disruption – from enthusiasts, vaguely claiming that the world needs it to move forward, to specialists who describe themselves as disruptive in their field without further explanation. Today I’m here with Peter Mayne and we will clarify what exactly this concept means and how it can benefit all industries.

First of all, why bringing up the topic? Because this has been a household term used to encompass a whole new approach to business. An approach which uproots and destroys former beliefs, practices and schemes, and substitutes them with something totally innovative and game-changing. Disruption differs from innovation, though – innovation is not as drastic in its methods.

With the global shift towards technology in all spheres of life, every business has access to disruption in one form or another and wants to take advantage of it. This is only natural, as it’s extremely difficult to make a difference without making something in a totally different way. We’ve seen great ideas fail because they’re far too similar to something else, or because they don’t really introduce anything new to the market. No company is irreplaceable, no business model is perfect, no sector is off-limits to change – it doesn’t matter if you’re in advertising, retail or computing.

Which are the industries affected by disruption?

Let’s have a look at agriculture. This is an industry ripe for disruption, as the processes involved have been the same for decades – it needs to be shaken to provide a sustainable form of industry development. Innovative companies are already reaping the benefits from leveraging disruption in agriculture in many ways, from production to risk management.

Healthcare is another industry which can hugely benefit from disruptive technology. A major problem is making healthcare accessible and affordable to the masses – a problem very few countries in the world have been able to solve. With disruptive technologies the future of accessible healthcare might not be far away.

Education is probably the most interesting case in terms of disruption. Kids from elementary schools around the globe now have access to educational methods which are borderline sci-fi. Teachers are being helped by all kinds if interactive setups, while artificial intelligence is a technology kids have at the tips of their fingers from a very early age – the way they interact with it is becoming so natural.

Disruptive technology is also supporting and complementing the scarcity of qualified resources in many areas, making it easier for whole industries to move forward.

This is exactly how you want to use technology – to become a game-changer in your industry and set new standards. No matter what is your business related to, there are plenty of solutions which can help you grow and develop new ideas, turning your into a disruptive factor which affects the whole industry.

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