Social Media: A Quick How-To for Startups

Social media offers many opportunities to grow your business – from market research to community building and advertising. It’s really strange then that so many people tend to underestimate this marketing channel, be it due to lack of knowledge or lack of time. Today we will address a few ways to take advantage of social media to help jump-start your entrepreneurial endeavors!

First of all – which channels should you use?

Don’t spread yourself thin. Take the time to research the channels your target audience uses on a daily basis so you don’t end up investing time into those which are simply not going to deliver. When you have found the right platform, start posting consistently – there is nothing worse than a silent social media channel, right? Build up expectations about your content, let people engage by asking questions, share the more personal side of your startup. Facebook is a great start as it let’s you quickly and easily communicate with people through various types of content – photos, notes, videos, live streaming. If your business relies heavily on imagery, why not try Instagram and build a community around shared aesthetic values? Or if you’re tackling with business issues, start up on LinkedIn and build a network of professionals in the related industries.

You don’t have a large budget? You can still market efficiently through influencers!

Startups usually have a very painful problem regarding marketing budgets. In order to take advantage of social media without spending precious dollars, you need to act smart and timely. Word-of-mouth marketing has never been easier and it’s all a matter of building close relationships with the right people – influencers in your niche. This is not as easy as it may sound and may require a lot of hours dedicated to networking, but in the end, it’s so worth it having a big influencer mention your product or service, exposing it in front of a gigantic audience of already interested consumers!

What if you don’t have time? Use automation!

Automation tools such as Hootsuite or Buffer will help your team (which probably doesn’t have a social media manager per se) tackle with the issue of time. You can cross-post on a few different platforms with a single click, or create formulas to automatically share company life updates on social media with the help of IFTTT.

Do you know your audience?

After you have let people know that you exist, you need to let them know you care. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance and if there’s something wrong you should consider about your product or service, the first place it will show is social media. Listen to your customers, be helpful, be open to suggestions and be present at all times – even if this means hiring someone to deal with your social media inbox. Customer support has been increasingly moving from email and phone to social media, and you should be part of this transition, too.

Remember that no one is pushing you to use social media for your startup, but if you’re not using it, you’re missing awesome opportunities. SM platforms offer a large range of tools which are aimed towards businesses – one way or another your potential customers are there and it will be foolish to neglect more opportunities to connect with them. Act smart and always on point, and your product or service will be a star in people’s feeds!

Feel free to ask any questions – we’ll be happy to help! Please post your feedback via the discussion boards below.

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